Every Tuesday and Thursday our English teacher, Sarah teaches the workers of ABG, or the Agency of Regulation and Control, how to better communicate with tourists to help protect the island’s natural beauty and resources! Along with the determination and motivation of the ABG and Sarah’s teaching skills, IOI Galapagos is working to protect Isabela island. ‪#‎conservation‬ ‪#‎Galapagos‬

Our public health volunteer Ariana giving a workshop to the locals on tips on how to eat healthier with the ingredients available to them on Isabela Island. To learn more about studying abroad visit www.ioi.ec/studyabroad #TorontoUniversity #Galapagos 

Help children of Jacinto Gordillo Primary School by supporting the construction of a playground!

Find out how you can help on our fundraising website: igg.me/at/galapagos-playground

After how long do baby sea lion begin to go out and fish on there own?

a. 1 months

b. 3 months

c. 5 months

d. 7 months

The answer is c, 5 months.


The principal of the Jacinto Gordillo School is giving an interview about the need for a playground for the children of Isabela Island.

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As part of IOI Galapagos’ efforts to begin working with the public health fields, IOI has been hosting masters and doctoral students from the University of Toronto. Meet Ariana, our public health volunteer. Ariana is a masters student in global affairs at Toronto with a focus in environmental and food policy. Her project here in Isabela is to study the consequences of import dependence and the consequences of food consumption patterns and how this import dependence leads to nutritional issues. Her end goal is to try to make a case to increase investment in local agriculture and alter consumption patterns of food to alter the nutritional public crisis in Isabela. 
To find out how you can study abroad, go to our homepage:http://www.ioi.ec/study-abroad-with-ioi/

As part of IOI Galapagos’ new efforts to enlarge our social development reach and work in the public health sector of Isabela we have began a partnership with the University of Toronto to host masters and doctoral students for research and projects in the public health sector of Isabela. Meet Rebecca, our public health volunteer from the University of Toronto, a 2015 candidate for the Masters of Global Affairs degree with an emphasis in sustainable development. Her project here on the island involves studying waste management of the island within the public health context and nutritional issues related to waste management. Her end goal is to make a case for a sustainable local economy and collect data that will be able to aid and create better policy for waste management and sustainable development in Isabela.

During the first week of July the ABG (Biodiversity protection agency of Galapagos) and IOI Galapagos collaborated together to teach children in the schools about the sterilization of dogs and cats on the island in hopes of teaching the parents through their children why sterilization of pets is good for the protection of endemic animals and plants in Galapagos.